Age Against The Machine

We are proud to be partners of Age Against The Machine, supported by the European Commission under CERV, which was officially launched on Thursday 11th. April in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The project aims to address challenges and issues in social and societal contexts and the consequences that follow for our elderly and seniors.

Together we will challenge stereotypes through a range of theatre methods and create a solidarity network across six partner cities where we will raise awareness and promote change through theatre performances and festivals for the elderly and seniors. This culminates in a closing conference in Belgrade (Serbia), where Red Cross Serbia will present decisive recommendations to decision makers.

The project is led by Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture Foundation (Serbia), together with our esteemed partners Nordisk Theaterlaboratorium (Denmark), Teatr Brama (Poland), @University of Evora (Portugal), Crveni krst Srbije / Red Cross of Serbia, Compagnia Il Melarancio Cooperativa Sociale Ets (Italy), and Trupa Drz Ne Daj (Serbia), supported by East Netherlands Development Agency.

photo by : Vladimir Velickovic

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