Open Call Art Lab

A call for an artistic residency for “XXV BRAMAT – Theatrical meetings in Goleniów” is open for the selection of an Artist or Company within the Creative Europe project “Common Ground – democratic dialogue in public space through expressive arts”.

The residency is aimed at Artists or Companies that have a show in an advanced stage of creation and need a last creative impulse.

We are looking for works from the field of performing arts, theatre and dance by emerging local and international artists which are either already designed for public space or can be easily adapted to local conditions. The work should use artistic tools and forms of expression in order to create new and different perspectives and evoke dialogue and discussion in and about public space.

The residency will take place within the Framework of „XXV BRAMAT – Theatrical meetings in Goleniów” from 24.08.2024 to 01.09.2024 and the result will be exhibited to the public in the frame of the festival.

The Residence consists of:

  • the use of the workspaces of the festival – Goleniów for 20 hours 
  • 10 hours of artistic advice by Teatr Brama
  • 8 hours of technical advice
  • 500 euros of financial compensation

The company undertakes to present the result of its work within the framework of „XXV BRAMAT – Theatrical meetings in Goleniów”. Date and time will be jointly agreed on. 


The artist/ group that will be selected will implement their residency within the frame of „XXV BRAMAT – theatical meetings in Goleniów” between 24 of August and 01 of September 2024 in Goleniów, Poland.

The call will be open from its publication from the 26th of June 2024 until 12th of July 2024.

The results will be published on 14th of July 2024 on the website of the project and social media pages.

You can apply by sending an email to evanthiathas@gmail.com

Contact person: Evanthi Athanasiadi