Workshops in Goleniow

Teatr Brama is open to anyone, who feels the need to create or participate in cultural life. Brama’s community is made up of people from all ages and backgrounds. There are no one exactly the same as you, so join us and leave your mark on local culture.

Currently, Teatr Brama runs four open workshop groups that meet once a week. Participation in them is free of charge and gives participants the opportunity to develop in many fields of art – music, theater and circus (for example).


Grupa pomiędzy 8 a 13 rokiem życia


Grupa pomiędzy 14 a 25 rokiem życia


Grupa pomiędzy 25 a 50 rokiem życia


Grupa powyżej 50 roku życia

Children’s group

The children group meets regularly during the school year, developing their theater, vocal and movement skills. Animators educate our youngest group with games and exercises, awakening their creativity and passion. At the end of the school year, before summer holidays the theater is a place the whole family meets to watch the performance, which is the result of 9 months of work.
The Children’s group meets every Thursday at 4PM in Teatr Brama.

Workshop leader: Evanthi Athanasiadi

Youth group

The Youth group is comprised of young adults (aged 14-25) that meet during workshops, where together with instructors they explore the language of theatre and music, learn songs, rhythm and acting skills. During winter break the group meets for an intensive, two week long work session. During that time, ideas and concepts arise, from which Young Brama’s devised performance sprouts and is presented in spring.
The Youth group meets every Tuesday at 4PM in Teatr Brama.

Workshop leader: Daniel Jacewicz

Adult group

The Adult group was founded in autumn of 2017. The actors in the group are people in their most productive age, who feel uncomfortable in their comfort zone and stubbornly wish to search for new things and question their maturity. The group started work with preparations for the performance “Tango” in cooperation with German Theatre, Studio 7, and “The Wall”, directed by Daniel Jacewicz. Both performances were shown during the Human Mosaic festival in summer of 2018, in Goleniów. Members of the group still develop, explore their borders and deepen their skills.
The Adult group meets every Tuesday at 7PM in Teatr Brama.

Workshop leader: Daniel Jacewicz

Senior group

Teatr INDEX is the result of cooperation between Goleniow’s University of the Third Age and Teatr Brama. The group is made up of active senior citizens from Goleniow. The group was founded in 2014 and consists of retired individuals, open to new experiences and gaining new skills. They create devised performances and also organize theatrical festivals for seniors.
Teatr Index meets every Thursday at 10AM in Teatr Brama.

Workshop leader: Jennifer Crissey