What can an artist do for the world in a time of crisis? And what should he do for himself? These are perhaps the most frequently repeated and thus already banal-sounding questions of theater people in times of pandemics or war and economic catastrophes lately. We look for solutions in great literature, distinguished predecessors, modern research and individual therapies. The world bombards us with golden advice tailored to every problem, or expects us to generate this advice in our performances.
To face these expectations, we invite our audience to “Carmina – Home of Poles in Crisis.” Once they’ve settled down comfortably and put themselves under the care of our instructors, we’ll begin the collective healing. We will be patronized by the poet Horace, the father of all golden advice, exhorting us to seek harmony and peace of mind. We will follow even the strangest theories, undertake the most controversial therapies. And although we can’t promise anyone that he will come out of this séance unscathed, we guarantee one thing – a song will stay with him, and that’s the last thing that can still save us from madness….

“When we started working on “Carmina,” we thought we were just before the end of the world. Then came the pandemic and the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Now we wonder if we are already living in a post-apocalyptic reality. On the other hand, does it matter? The end of the world is not the end of theater and meetings with people…” – says Daniel Jacewicz – director of the show.

Cast: Evanthi Athanasiadi, Jenny Crissey, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Weronika Więzowska, Patryk Bednarski, Wojciech Rosiński.
Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Lighting direction: Wolfgang Maher
Choreography: Dominika Knapik
Set design: Karolina Mazur
Music: Szymon Wójcinski
Sound: Jacek Gałkiewicz
Lights: Konrad Bartoszewicz
Premiere: October 15, 2022.
Photos: Quik Shot, Karol Budrewicz

Coś z Nietzschego

Coś z Nietzschego, is an original project of Brama Theater and the Monogamik band. The long-standing friendship between Brama Theater and members of the Monogamik band has resulted in a joint concert. The project was conceived by Daniel Jacewicz and Piotr Banach (founder of the band HEY, a long-time friend of the Brama Theater). The concert is based on music played live, accompanied by texts by Friedrich Nietzsche selected and compiled by Kafi Figaj.

“The skeleton sings from the stage that when we love, we actually love the feeling of pleasure that comes from it. In the background, the actors animate mirrors, telling us “it’s about you, but also about us.” This is not an attack or moralizing, but an attempt to point out that this is simply who we are and that there is nothing wrong with it. It is also a criticism that Nietzsche takes up, writing about the Christian cult of martyrdom, of mortification. Marauders will accuse Nietzsche’s Why of being selective. After all, the philosopher wrote a great deal about very different things. However, it is impossible not to be selective. It’s nice that the Brama Theater chose something good from Nietzsche, rather than something destructive and harmful. “Die, die, we are all gone, and even though you may be afraid, and even though you may pray, you will still turn to poor dust and be.”

Zofia Kowalska i Oliwia Kur

Cast: Evanthi Athanasiadi, Jenny Crissey, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Wojciech Rosiński
Music: Monogamik; Katarzyna “Kafi” Figaj, Piotr Banach, Szymon Wójciński, Jacek Maruzrkiewicz, Tomasz Kubik, Jakub Gucik.
Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Premiere: September 2022
Photos: Karol Budrewicz

Amoung Us

Should we stay together, or will we take our flags in silence and scatter each in our own way?
“Among Us” is a play about how the split of an individual causes a split in society. Looking at the pettiness and lack of ability to see oneself in another person, the play explores the problem of loneliness in a crowd, caused by a lack of empathy. Instead, people hide under the masks of positions, professions and pseudo-views.
The performance by the adult group of the Brama Theater, is also an admonition to see in the other person someone like us, with the same joys and tragedies, successes and pains of daily existence. If we abandon this, from here it is a short road to exclusion and dehumanization, and even cruelty. “Among Ours” is a manifesto for peace and empathy – values that are clearly losing their meaning in a polarized society, in a world where we experience the tragedy of inconclusiveness: to behead or to stick together a New World of propaganda? In such a world, is there only a choice between lie and lie, or is it possible to trample new paths? Everyone must ask themselves this question, and the answers are still missing….
The play is the result of the workshop work of the adult group, which has been led by Daniel Jacewicz since 2020.

Cast: Maja Kamińska, Renata Łabaj, Jolanta Musialska, Emilia Rosińska, Anna Szczerba, Mariusz Posieczek, Grzegorz Rutkowski
Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Directing cooperation: Filip Stachura
Dramaturgical cooperation: Jeannette Słaby
Lights and sound: Wojciech Rosiński, Elias Saadeddine
Premiere: January 22, 2022

Station Witness

Two nations, two traumas, one city.
Who can tell us where and what our home is? Who are we and who do we become the moment we leave our former life and set out in search of a safe haven? Will our “new home” turn out to be good for us, will it be safe, will we know how to find ourselves in it? Won’t the ghost of a German come out of the closet and try to chase us out of here? Who were the people who lived here, who slept in this bed, who lived in my house before me? Questions that are hard to find answers to, and which are still relevant despite the passage of years.

The community of Gollnow before World War II was made up of Germans. German Gollnow was a charming town located on a vast river, today’s Ina. After the War, Gollnow became Goleniow, to which residents of the former lands of the Second Polish Republic began to flow. They came to the destroyed city with the hope of a better tomorrow, a safe home.

The play “Station Witness” is an attempt to find connectors between two communities that, under difficult circumstances, had to leave their homes and travel into the unknown to find a safe place to live. The authors are searching for the myth of a new place, asking about their own and shared identity. They build a tradition that is new, still sought after and multicultural.

Station Witness, is an original performance by the Gate Theater, based on interviews conducted with former and current residents of Goleniów. The community of the “Recovered Territories” before and after World War II was made up of Poles and Germans who, due to the political situation, were forced to migrate. The show was inspired by authentic stories of people who had to find their way in a new, completely different reality after World War II.

An important element of the performance, is the music played live by the Band of the Gate Theater. The tunes used in the show are melodies played by the Bolechowska Orchestra, which was founded after the war. The orchestra’s musicians, upon arriving in Bolechow (a village near Goleniów), found post-German musical instruments and sheet music to German songs. This became the impetus for them to start their own orchestra and to expand their repertoire to include melodies that were important to themselves.

Review of the performance:

Cast: Evanthi Athanasiadi, Jennifer Crissey, Aleksandra Slusarczyk, Weronika Więzowska, Konrad Bartoszewicz, Patryk Bednarski, Bartłomiej Kwaśniewicz, Aleksander Kwietniak, Aleksander Sielicki, Wojciech Rosiński, Kamil Więzowski
Directed by: Daniel Jacewicz
Co-dramaturgy: Dorota Porowska, Edyta Rogowska, Thomas Avenhaus, Marcin Kęszycki
Set design: Kinga Dalska
Video: Michal Zak, Michal Nogala
Music: Kapela Teatru Brama
Light: Wojciech Rosiński, Elias Saadeddine, Filip Stachura
Sound: Jacek Galkiewicz.
Premiere: 6.11.2021 r.

Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance was a ritual which was a response to the great crisis of Indian civilization in North America in the late nineteenth century, after Western civilization took over the life of Indians. The dance was done in the hopes of ushering in a great change, which was to be the end of the present world and beginning of a better one. In a time of hopelessness they danced believing it would change their fate. The dance was effectively prohibited and is associated with the shameful extermination of the population and the extinction of one of the cradles of civilization. It was one of many cries of despair to the spreading wave of the cruelty of capitalism. The performance is a symbolic evocation of this ritual in the defense of dying values. It is our act of hope at a time when the next turn of the wheel of history seems to be unstoppable. Each generation is required to sacrifice and carry the banners of their values, which beat in the revolutionary hearts of naive idealists. For many years, the revolution in the mind of the opposition has been the guardian and manifesto in defense of minorities. We are a part of the minority who must raise their voices in defense of themselves. “Ghost Dance” is an action combining music and theater. The show is an original piece by the Brama ensemble, inspired by the work of Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, folk art of dying civilizations and anti-capitalist manifestos.

Cast: Evanthi Athanasiadi, Jenny Crissey, Maja Kamińska, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Weronika Więzowska, Patryk Bednarski, Maciej Ratajczyk, Wojciech Rosiński, Oliwier Szałagan
Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Premiere: March 2017
Original cast: Jenny Crissey, Kimberling Longueira, Anastasiia Miedviedieva, Lesja Szulc, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Oleh Nesterov, Wojciech Rosiński, Jakub Szambelan, Piotr Śnieguła
Guest performers: Adela Bertolo, Claudia Roick, Olivier Jost
Zdjęcia: Z. Orłowski




Do you have stress related headaches or pain in your lower back? Are you trying to get sober? Do you want to develop the capacity to manage emotionally stable relationships? Do you fear that subconscious feelings of grief, aggression and/or sexual impulses may be secretly running your life, without your knowledge? Do you need help uncovering and examining your core motivations in a safe environment free from ridicule and shame? Fear not, there is a group for you. We will tell you everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. By joining the group you will learn how to integrate your own deepest desires with socially useful strategies to satisfy those desires. Remember it’s important to be yourself and to be genuine. But before you let your anger or tears flow, come join us to get tips on dealing with emotion in a way that’s therapeutically beneficial.

Cast: Jennifer Crissey, Bettina Harz, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Maciej Ratajczyk, Wojciech Rosiński, Oliwier Szałagan
Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Music: Jacek Gałkiewicz
Premiere: March 2019
Original cast: Jenny Crissey, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Oleh Nesterow, Wojciech Rosiński, Oliwier Szałagan, Lucio Pileggi
Photos: A. Gonzalez

The Party

“The Party” of Sławomir Mrożek is the story of three “farm hands” in search of entertainment, who force themselves into a “village club”, only to discover that there is no party and nobody’s there… Things that are difficultly discovered by the 3 bird brains are instantly clear for the audience – and there in comes the comic effect. As the farm hands cannot defeat their irrational need for amusement, they mow logical inconsistencies. Wearisome diagnosis focuses finally in frustration and explodes with animalistic aggression. Will a party be possible? The farm hands try to invent one. But it ends the moment, when all possibilities inherent to the funny situation are spent.

Cast: Paweł Danielewicz, Maciej Ratajczyk, Marek Kościółek
Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Premiere: April 2000
Original cast: Paweł Danilewicz, Marek Kościółek, Michał Wąż
Photos: M. Bielenis

Emotion in sound

“Emotion in sound” is an artistic action between theatre and music. Every picture, each word, history, movement, melody and sound are connected, creating a special atmosphere. The performance is about love, joy, but also about loneliness and (first and foremost) about sensibility. It’s full of energy, while being gentle and sensual. Several of the most beautiful songs created by humanity, made by restless souls, were used in the performance. It’s a collection of songs from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, the Balkans, Corsica and Spain. Each of them carries a story of a certain truth about man, told by voice and instruments (clarinet, guitar, bass guitar, accordion, cajon). It’s a performance, in which the protagonist is the music, the most universal means of communication. The way in which it tells about making peace with nature and the world makes it a true feast for the soul.

Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Premiere: March 2010
Original cast: enny Crissey, Aleksandra Gronowska, Daniel Jacewicz, Aleksandra Nykowska, Piotr Nykowski, Maciej Ratajczyk, Anna Rynkiewicz, Svetlana Sarkisjan, Marcin Styborski, Aleksandra Szalińska, Lena Witkowska, Dorota Ziemińska
Gościnnie: Tatia Mazmanianiani, Bacho Sujahvili, Sabrina Danielle Baranda, Davit Baroyan, Patryk Bednarski, James Crissey, Christopher Ellis, Laura Foremska, Dawn Marie Galtieri, Stathis Gavras, Frauke Gleiman, Jill Heyser, Paweł Jaguś, Justyna Jary, Katja Klemt, Teresa Kuruvilla, Filip Laszuk, Jakub Margosiak, Bartek Mikula, Dominik Murach, Alejandro Parages Martinez, Holly Prindle, Sammy Zahara, Ewa Ziegenbein
Photos: A. Podobińska


Movie Uczucie w dźwięku w Poznaniu

The Wall

The Wall is a musical performance that was held for the first time as part of the opening of the Human Mosaic Festival – it was the largest community event ever organized by Teatr Brama. The Wall was a staging of the legendary rock opera by Pink Floyd. The performance involved 400 people, mostly from Goleniów, but also 100 artists from around the world, a symphony orchestra, a vocal choir, local rock musicians and the patients of the MONAR rehab center in Babigoszcz. The event gathered around two thousand viewers at Primary School No. 1 in Goleniów and was the largest outdoor show ever organized in Goleniów. The editorial office of the newspaper The Goleniow Gazette gave it the title of “The Event of the Year 2018”.

Cast: Paweł Danielewicz, Maciej Ratajczyk, Marek Kościółek
Director: Daniel Jacewicz
Premiere: April 2000
Cast premiere: Paweł Danilewicz, Marek Kościółek, Michał Wąż
Photos: M. Bielenis

The Wall


Above is a list of performances, with which we can come to your town. If you are interested in organizing a performance of Teatr Brama, call or write to Jenny. (jenny@teatrbrama.org+48 533 311 214). This could be the beginning of a great adventure or a long-term collaboration!