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BramaLAB is an artistic laboratory, which is an umbrella term for different theatrical, musical, experimental, research and educational projects. It’s activities are initiatives of individual members of the workshop participants, volunteers and friends of Teatr Brama. This model of cooperation doesn’t define a leader for all BramaLAB activities, as a leader emerges on basis of who brought the idea or it’s a partnership on the equal grounds for all participants of the project.

What about love?

BramaLAB’s first premiere in 2023. “What about this love” based on the novel “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The performance was created as part of the cyclical workshops conducted at the Zakład Aktywności Zawodowej, by Brama Theater educator Evanthi Athanasiadi.
What is love? Does every person feel it in the same way? Is it possible to love and be loved at the same time? How do we give the necessary space to ourselves and the person we love? And above all, what to do if the person we love turns out to be completely different from us?

The ZAZ Goleniow workshop group, led by Evanthi Athanasiadi, Billio Mourgela with the support of Marta Leciej, invites you to the Planet of the Little Prince, where they will try to find answers to all questions about love.

Director / scrpit: Billio Mourgela
Theater workshop leader: Evanthi Athanasiadi
Consultation: Marta Nadia Leciej
Light direction: Wojciech Rosiński
Cast: Piotr Pałejko, Rafał Skamrot, Evanthi Athanasiadi, Małgorzata Krawczyk, Agnieszka Pawłowska, Łukasz Gruchot, Paweł Łacina, Łukasz Murach, Damian Nowacki, Andrzej Olejnik, Piotr Pałejko, Rafał Skamrot, Daniel Wdowczyk, Evanthi Athanasiadi.
Premiere: 4th February 2023
Photos: Anna Szczerba


You’ve never done this before? You know, we can go to the movies first….
No one has left here unsatisfied yet.
Attempts to prove one’s maturity and freedom can take many forms but do they have any meaning without taking responsibility for them?

Finding themselves in the difficult period of adolescence, young people struggle with many issues: the question of identity, the attempt to individualize and demonstrate their maturity. Often with poor results. The play is a kind of manifesto of youth, aimed at creating a platform for dialogue with adults, as well as realizing the next step on the long road of becoming a mature person. An important point of the play is the responsibility that the youth involved in the process, as well as the directing duo themselves, developed in many ways.

The performance is a collage of various texts, including those by Vygotsky Gombrowicz, Mikhail Bulgakov, Maks Fraj, Ned Nezdan, and their own texts. The story itself, meanwhile, was inspired by Euripides’ “Bacchantes.” The performance is a reflection of the process that has been going on over the past year of cyclical workshops.

Director: Filip Stachura, Maria Lisovska
Consultation: Daniel Jacewicz
Cast: Aleksandra Uciurkiewicz, Amelia Pecyna, Angela Tomasiak, Angel Bernach, Jakub Chowański, Julka Bajsarowicz, Natalia Zawadowska, Nikola Brzezińska, Nikola Terapeuta, Wiktoria Gajewska, Zuzanna Bukała, Zuzanna Różewska, Zuzanna
Premiere: 23th September 2023
Photos: Anna Szczerba

Who is Afraid of the Wolf?

The performance was inspired by the fairy tale about three little pigs and the big bad wolf. But, has anyone wondered what this story would look like today? Everyone has the right to seek reparations in court and everyone has the right to defend themselves. In the performance, the three pigs and the wolf face each other in court, both sides of the trial have their own arguments and reasons for this situation. Who will live happily ever after this time?

The entire performance takes place during a trial in a fairy-tale land. Judge Owl has to settle a dispute in which the Wolf is accused by the Three Pigs of destroying their homes, his goal being their consumption. During the trial, other fairy-tale characters appear on the scene, such as Masha and the Bear as well as Little Red Riding Hood. Putting the story together one by one, it turns out that the Wolf’s bark is much worse than his bite, and the whole thing is one big misunderstanding about the Wolf’s difficult life situation. The performance makes reference to modern day political situations such as the migrant and refugee crisis taking place in Europe and tries to instill into the audience the ideas of tolerance and altruism in a funny way.

Director: Jennifer Crissey we współpracy z Danielem Jacewiczem
Cast:Agata Kołodziejska, Alina Koźluk, Barbara Banasiewicz, Danuta Kiliszek, Jadwiga Kubinowska – Lis, Maria Pyszel, Wiesława Rzymczyk, Zofia Michalewicz, Bronisława Filipczyk, Łucja Czarnacka, Jennifer Crissey
Musicians: Daniel Jacewicz, Oliwer Szałagan, Wojciech Rosiński, Piotr Śniegula
Guest Artists: Julia Kwietniak, Adam Rosiński
Premiere: kwiecień 2018


Exit is the first original performance of the adults group of the Teatr Brama. Working on the performance gave adults the opportunity to distance themselves from everyday life, from home, work and children. Workshops, rehearsals and staging of the performance gave them relief, it was a moment of reflection, a moment of escape into themselves. The performance raises issues that are important to it’s cast, including the fact that their everyday life is dominated by obligations, duties and routine. In the eternal rush for life, that keeps going faster and faster every day, a group of strangers meet in a dead-end street. They forget about losing the race, they meet their unfulfilled dreams, forgotten ideals, face themselves and each other. Accustomed to “no way out” situations, they seek courage to listen to their hidden desires and believe in miracles. EXIT is always there. EXIT is everywhere.

Director: Anastasiia Miedviedieva, Lesja Szulc
Cast: Renata Łabaj, Jolanta Musialska, Emilia Rosińska, Anna Staszczyszyn, Anna Szczerba, Tadeusz Mil, Grzegorz Rutkowski, Łukasz Tunkiewicz.
Premiere: luty 2019
Photos: Antia Gonzales Alvarez


“Lysistrata” was the group project of the 2019-2020 European Solidarity Corps volunteers project, working under the guidance of Jennifer Crissey. The fearless women of Teatr Index were their actresses. The project was originally planned as a theatrical performance, but due to the pandemic it was transformed into a short film. “Lysistrata” is an ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes. It is a comical story about the extraordinary mission of women to end the Peloponnesian war between Greek cities by denying all men of their country any sexual activity.

Production team:: Benjamin Gula, Fjorida Cenaj, Sofia Demerdesli, Gizem Ecer, Julia Hałas, Jennifer Crissey

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