BRAMAT Goleniów's Theatrical Meetings

The BRAMAT Festival, known both in Poland and internationally, became a celebration concentrated on connecting the local community with the artistic world. During the festival, Brama hosts many artists from around the world, who are afforded the opportunity to interact and create relationships with their audience. A festival in the form of a meeting invites the audience and entire community to engage in common artistic and social processes. BRAMAT Theatrical Meetings allow for the building of common cultural identity, taking up of initiatives and invites active participation in cultural and social life. BRAMAT is a festival first hosted in 1999, organized every year since then, which constantly develops, broadening and deepening its impact.

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Łaknienia Theatrical Festival has been organized in Goleniów for 11 years, yet every edition is different. It keeps evolving and changing. “Łaknienia” was first directed at young theatrical groups, who were taking their first steps on the stage – it’s power was youth, rebellion, sarcasm, sense of humour and animosity towards reality, but not experience and consciousness of theatrical methods. Today, Łaknienia has evolved into a competition for all theatres and artists, regardless of their age and experience.

We are open for everyone, we hunger for new relations and experiences. Join our universe of freedom, nature and joy. Come to Goleniów and sit with us by the bonfire. Feel the sounds, jump around at a concert and trust during the workshop. Take part in discussions, listen to opinions and tips of the experts. Express your thoughts and spread your concerns. And after the competition ends, exhale, relax and meet new friends from Poland and abroad.

Human Mosaic

In the end of summer 2018, in a picturesque town in the middle of the woods, Teatr Brama held a 10 day long celebration of creativity. We celebrated harvest together, by the riverside at a meeting lit by stars, bonfires, sunshine and stage lights. We met people hungry for knowledge, building bridges over the generational abyss, pathfinders on maps of culture in the world, piecing together a colourful mosaic of differences and similarities. We placed our feet on imaginary archipelago of freedom, enjoyed it’s colours and sounds. The Human Mosaic was a once in a lifetime event – 500 artists from around the world together with 1000’s of citizens from Goleniów actively participating in artistic events, over 200 events across ten days and an opening performance with over 400 people on stage. Goleniów was visited by artists from Poland, Germany, USA, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, France, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Greece, Palestine, Spain, the Netherlands, Nepal, China, India, Corsica and Slovenia. The festival was made up of five elements – spaces of artistic and social interactions, which were created based on tenets of Brama. Element no. 1 – XIX Goleniów’s Theatrical Meetings BRAMAT, an event well known to the lovers of culture in Poland, which presents carefully selected theatrical performances from across the world. It’s over 20 performances on stages of our Theater, Culture House and on unexpected, temporary stages in the city. Element no. 2 – final macro event of CARAVAN NEXT, a three year long european project, which aimed to use art and theater to activate and empower local communities and build relations between people. In this element we presented events prepared by European artists in cooperation with people of Goleniów. Many groups worked together with the artists of Caravan Next such as ZPiTZG Ina, Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku, Addiction Therapy Center MONAR Babigoszcz, Goleniów’s Prison, local primary schools and many other organizations and citizens. All events took place in spaces across Goleniow only once! Element no. 3: IX Theatrical Youth Festival ŁAKNIENIA, the theatrical competition for amateur creators of Polish independent theater. It was 12 performances, the voice of a new generation, discussions with the jury and audience of the festival, workshops, meetings and young participants coming together to create the final concert of Łaknienia. Element no. 4 – STREFA KONTAKTU (CONTACT ZONE), which was 8 days each with its own themes: communication, family, nature & environment, healthy lifestyle, IT, love and acceptance, migration and patriotism. As a part of it we invited people to morning meetings, discussions and open workshops. Element no. 5 – MUSIC and song – the oldest and surest method of stealing people’s hearts! Concerts and musical events on stages of summer theater (Teatr Letni), parking lot of Zielona Droga street, churches, city center square (Planty), near fountains and streets of Goleniów. It was dancing and fun for everyone, breaking through barriers of cultures and languages.

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