Goleniow is a small city located on the Ina River in forested northwestern Poland. It was here that Theatre Brama was founded in 1996 by Daniel Jacewicz. Goleniow is more than just the home of the Theatre Brama ensemble, it is in many ways our source. Here we collect and create good energy, interacting with the local community who are open to the cultural diversity of the international theatre community.



In Strzelewo, a small village in the Zachodniopomorskie province, located between Goleniów and Nowogard, lives Zygmunt Heland, who is on the Board of the Theatre Brama Association and operates the Centre for Creative Research. Strzelewo is a very important place for Theatre Brama. Here we have created performances, executed projects, got to know ourselves better and met with people connected with the theatre to work on creative things. Here our sweat, tears and laughter mix. Strzelewo is, for the people of Theatre Brama, a place where we brainstorm for ideas, where we go caroling at Christmas, organize summer workshops for residents and host the Village Art Festival, which attracts artists and audiences seeking a magical and unique meeting, surrounded by nature.



After many years of wandering and working in different places Theatre Brama received a work space from the local government just outside of Goleniow in the village of Danowo. It is a charming place where the social Association ZAPIECEK is very active. The premises are currently being remodeled to become more suitable to the activities of Theatre Brama and ZAPIECEK Association.

Musical Station "Rampa"

Rampa is the old pre-war railway station in Goleniów. Today it houses the dance club and concert venue Musical Station RAMPA, where concerts and large scale events are held. Courtesy of the owners of Rampa, Theatre Brama has our office space there, puts on performances and also hosts our annual festival Goleniow Theater Meetings BRAMAT in Rampa.

Silver Mountain (Srebrna Gora)

Between the years 2006 - 2008 Theatre Brama had a temporary residence in Silver Mountain (in the province of Lower Silesia) along with Theatre Chorea of Lodz. Together both theaters created concerts, performances and street actions for the local community. In 2007, our annual theatre festival BRAMAT took place in Silver Mountain, it was the only year the festival was not held in Goleniow. Silver Mountain is a place of special importance for Theatre Brama because it was there that the performance "We " was created.