about us


Theatre Brama worked initially as a drama circle, then was the home theater of the Goleniow Culture House and created an independent ensemble well-known in Poland today. Theatre Brama was founded by Daniel Jacewicz and is based in Goleniów, where many performances and art projects have taken place. For many years Brama managed to create a vibrant environment in Goleniów theater. However, Brama brings together a large number of restless and creative young people, whose individualism does not fit the framework of small-town archetypes. Although Goleniów is the hometown of the theater and most of its core of actors, musicians and friends, the theater spends most of the year performing around Poland and throughout the world.

Theatre Brama also has a permanent summer residence in the village of Strzelewo, where rehearsals, performances and art projects take place. In 2010, the government of Goleniów gave the Brama Association a residence in the village Danowo (10 km from Goleniow) for the purposes of their work.

Theatre Brama has been an artistic presence in Poland since 1996. To date, thousands of people have taken place in the activities of the theatre, involving themselves in the development of alternative theater in the country, promotion of the theater, theatrical activities and the arts education community.


Two significant new theater companies emanated from Theatre Brama, and are in residence in Maszewo (Theatre Krzyk) and Stepnica (Theatre w Krzywym Zwierciadle). These theaters conduct activities in cooperation with Brama. They also attest to not only the character of Brama, as both theaters are derived from a single source, but also the character of the local area.