Working on a rock opera in Sandefjord

Incredible time last week of march with the local community of Sandefjord.

We worked together on the “Sandefjord’s Rock Opera”: a grand production with hundreds of participants on stage, directed by Daniel Jacewicz.

This time we presented to them the music that Jarek Chilkiewicz created for the show, as well as the script by Małgorzata Miszczuk – seems like everyone loved the material!

Daniel, Ola, Evanthi and Dorota worked with Stella Polaris theater, choirs, kids, but also met and interacted with people and groups who are excited to participate in the show. With the help of Stella Polaris we overcame all the challenges and managed to keep things interesting and in order.

The premiere show of “Sandefjord’s Rock Opera” will take place at the Badeparken in Sandefjord (NO) on 17 June 2023!