Stella's December arrival at Rampa Kultura

In the run-up to Christmas, representatives of Stella Polaris visited Goleniów. The main purpose of the meeting was the formal arrangements for the project, as well as the implementation of workshops with the local community of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Invitations to the workshop were sent out to many cultural centers, whose representatives had the opportunity to come to Rampa Kultura.

The workshop, implemented by Stella Polaris, is designed to prepare artists and the local community for next year’s work. Brama Theater in Sandefjord is organizing the Rock Opera, while Stella Polaris, in Goleniów, will realize one of its more important outdoor performances – “Dream of the Shaman.” Two days of intensive workshops held in the second week of December are just the beginning of work on the event. Stella will be our guests more and more often next year, which we are extremely happy about!