Working on a rock opera in Sandefjord

Time flies! It was a year ago, when we attended the Norwegian Constitution Day and met for the first time the local groups of Sandefjord in order to work with them on Sandefjord’s Rock Opera.

Now, one year later, the local community knows us already – we met and worked together many times since then.

In the latest visit of Teatr Brama to Sandefjord we rehearsed with the groups their part in the performance, we put attention to the structure and to technical details and we met and worked with our supportive Norwegian partner Stella Polaris Theatre on many topics related to the show.

Slowly the puzzle of this production is getting ready and we are getting more and more excited.

The premiere show of “Sandefjord’s Rock Opera” will take place at the Badeparken in Sandefjord (NO) on 17 June 2023 at 20.00!