RegioActive Festival Goleniów – XXIII Goleniowskie Spotkania Teatralne Bramat

Everyday life does not allow us to relax. The multitude of threads, problems and opinions, forces us to silence our inner voice in order not to go crazy. Everyone seeks refuge and a blissful moment of peace differently. We, for years, have sought solace in theatre, music and film, which allow us to focus on one problem at a time and forget everything else. We believe in Art that is a training in empathy, that is tender and cruel, that awakens, agitates and rocks like a cradle. These are the thoughts that have guided us in creating this unique festival.

This years’ festival is a finishing line of our project RegioActive, which we carry out together as Goleniowski Dom Kultury, Teatr Brama Association and Schloss Bröllin. We fused it with the 23rd edition of Goleniów’s Theatre Meetings BRAMAT to create an event like no other before. Throughout the last 3 years we used the RegioActive project to connect artists, cultural animators and inhabitants of German and Polish Pomerania. Several thousand people, on both sides of the border, met to create and live the art during thirteen festivals. It’s in Goleniów where the last, fourteenth festival will take place between 31st of August and 4th of September. We invited the most interesting proposals created during those three tumultuous years, in which we had to fight a completely new reality. Again, it was proven to us that art and meeting can save us.

We invite you wholeheartedly to spend those five festival days with us, here in Goleniów. We hope that just as we do, you crave to meet, to converse, to laugh and cry together. Everything around may change, but our magical Meeting in the beginning of September shall stay forever!


the project “RegioActive – socio-cultural activation of the region” is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The task is co-financed from funds received from the budget of the Marshal’s Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and the Goleniów Municipality.


31.08 (Wednesday)
16:00 „Nina: The Tea Lady” (Italy)
performative action | Qult Kafka | 60’ | ENG
Nina is a rebel of post-war England. Together with her pram, she will wander the corners of Goleniów, spinning stories, singing and dancing for the locals she meets. Stop by for afternoon tea and English-style refreshments.

17:00 Teatr niebopiekło (Bydgoszcz) – „Jestem. Tylko. Ja”
RegioActive | performance | Rampa | 70’ | PL
A play that asks the question about the source of evil. It tells the story of loneliness, the desire to be noticed, the search for belonging, pride and rejection. Doesn’t ideology, any ideology, carry within it the germ of evil?

18:30 BlackNoise (Poznań) – „Przeraźliwe echo trąby ostateczney albo Siedem obrazów spomiędzy światów”
RegioActive | music performance | Rampa | 60’ | PL
A performance that combines traditional folk music (Jacek Hałas), jazzy percussion (Jakub Szwarc) and visuals (Julia Hałas). The creators draw on visions of the beginning of the world as well as very topical ecological and pandemic threats, but above all they talk about situations and areas that are borderline and groundbreaking for humans.

20:00 antagon theaterAKTion (Frankfurt am Mein) – „Klima X”
RegioActive | outdoor performance | Planty* | 60’ | without speech
A performance that tells the story of the relationship between nature and humans, of falling down and getting up, of confronting and correcting reality together. Combined with elements of physical theatre, contemporary dance and live music, ‘Klima X’ will bring the performing arts to the streets of the city and reach audiences beyond the boundaries of language.

01.09 (Thursday)

14:00 „Nina: The Tea Lady” (Italy)
performative action | Fountain* | 60’ | ENG
Nina is a rebel of post-war England. Together with her pram, she will wander the corners of Goleniów, spinning stories, singing and dancing for the locals she meets. Stop by for afternoon tea and English-style refreshments.

15:00 Fairy Tale for the Lands of Pomerania „The king of the Alder Pond”
RegioActive | family-friendly doll performance | Fountain* | 40’ | PL
This Fairy Tale for Big and Small is the result of Polish-German cooperation during the creative process in Stepnica as part of the RegioActive project. The performance is directed by Dorota Porowska with live music performed by Emilia Raiter and Michał Wojtarowicz. Puppets by Małgorzata Arszenik are used in the performance.

16:00 Premiere of BramaLAB – „Animal Tales”
performance | Rampa | 70’ | ENG | 16+
For the past 10 years, Teatr Brama has hosted young Europeans as part of the Erasmus+ Programme. This year’s volunteers have created a performance that dissects the differences between humans and animals. Can we be sure to see a human in the mirror? Or will we see an animal grimace of our desires?

18:00 Silver Guns (Goleniów/Poznań)
RegioActive | premiere concert | Rampa | 60’ |
A musical map of cross-border Pomerania was created as the final result of the RegioActive project. Silver Guns are Jacek Hałas and Jarosław Chilkiewicz. The artistic paths of the wanderers from two musical cosmos – folk and rock – intersected in the north. The finale of this joint journey is a personal musical guide to the mythical land of Imaginary Pomerania.

20:00 Teatr Brama – „Stacja Świadek” (Goleniów)
RegioActive | outdoor performance | Granary | 60’ | PL, DE
Teatr Brama’s production tells the story of our lands – the lands of the displaced. Who can tell us where and what our home is? Who are we and who do we become the moment we leave our previous lives and set out in search of a safe haven? In the festival edition, we will exceptionally present it outdoors, against the backdrop of an old, post-German granary.

21:30 Nicponie (Warszawa)
RegioActive | folk concert, dance party | Rampa | 80′
The band Nicponie was formed by musicians and musicians who found it difficult to live without concerts during the pandemic. So they packed up their instruments and set off for the bazaars and streets to play the capital’s hits, but also tunes that are well-known, well-loved and closer to the present time.

23:00 Kapela Teatru Brama & friends (PL, DE)
RegioActive | dance party | Rampa | 60’

As part of the RegioActive project, musicians from Goleniów collaborated with friends from Germany under the supervision of Jacek Halas. The main theme turned out to be not only the sounds of instruments, but also the search for cross-border identity and local stories of Pomerania. This dance party will crown the musical experiments, inviting residents and festival guests to dance.

02.09 (Friday)

16:00 Book presentation „Rodowicz – Teatr – Droga”
author meeting | Qult Kafka | 40’
Tomasz Rodowicz is an actor, director and co-founder of the CHOREA Theatre, formerly working with Jerzy Grotowski and the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”. He is one of the most important figures of Polish exploratory and independent theatre. His own story of the creative path he has followed creates a fascinating history of his life, the transformations of theatre, culture and Polish society over the past half-century.

17:00 Teatr KTO (Kraków) – „Chór sierot”
performance | Rampa | PL | 60’
“Chór sierot” is a mesmerising tale of loneliness. The performance lasts exactly as long as Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 (also known as Symphony of Sorrowful Songs), which accompanies the actors from the beginning to the end of the performance, setting the rhythm of the entire story. Each play lasts equally 52 minutes and 6 seconds.

18:30 LabPerm di Castaldo (Torino, Italy) – „The Art of Living and Dying”
musical performance | Aula SP1 | 50’
The Art of Living and Dying is not just a performance, but a ritual. It seeks to restore the theatre’s political function as a place where the community gathers to celebrate and experience the uncommon.

20:00 Premiere of Teatr Brama – „Coś z Nietzschego”
RegioActive | performance with appearance of band Monogamik | Rampa | 50’ | PL
Teatr Brama’s latest production, created as part of the RegioActive project together with outstanding musicians: Piotr Banach (composition, guitar), Katarzyna Figaj (vocals), Szymon Wójciński (keyboards), Tomasz Kubik (drums), Jacek Mazurkiewicz (bass guitar), Jakub Gucik (cello) and Grzegorz Wełna (samples). Nietzsche’s selected texts become an ode in praise of a simple and uncompromising life, filled with fun but also inner wisdom.

21:00 Smoki w Zalewie (Stepnica) – „Farewell to Sun”
RegioActive | outdoor performance | near Rampa | 30’ | without speech
A fire show realised by theSmoki w Zalewie group operating at MGOK Stepnica and Teatr Brama’s European Volunteers as part of the RegioActive project. Group prepared by Kamil Malecki. Choreography: Sebastian Frodyma and Dorota Porowska. A performance based on the legends of Midsummer Night.

21:30 Niby ludzie (Goleniów)
RegioActive | concert | Rampa | 50’
One of Goleniów’s freshest bands playing music on the borderline between rock, indie rock and pop. Although the premiere concert took place in May this year, the band has been working together since the beginning of 2020 and is made up of experienced musicians: Maciej Chilkiewicz, Marcin Styborski, Rafał Bachul and Sebastian Lisiecki. They met and started creating together thanks to the RegioActive project, but this is only the beginning of their journey together. Artistic supervision: Jarosław Chilkiewicz.

22:30 Velow (Goleniów)
RegioActive | concert | Rampa | 60’
Velow is a local band formed in 2021. Each of the musicians who make up the band (Eryk Pacyna – vocals, Tomasz Guz – guitar, Sebastian Lisiecki – guitar, Wiktor Kowalczyk – bass, Krystian Tomasiak – drums) have a taste for different musical styles, but they come together in the alternative and grunge music space. Although the band is just beginning their career, they are already recording their first album and are receiving a very good reception throughout Poland.

03.09 (Saturday)

12:00 „Lysistrata”, dir. Fiorida Cenaj – movie with participation of Teatr Index (Goleniów)
movie premiere | Rampa | 20’ | PL, ENG
The film has been in the making for the past two years as part of BramaLAB. Fiorida, a theatre volunteer at the time, together with Jenny Crissey worked with a group of senior citizens from Goleniów on a film adaptation of Aristophanes’ play. It turns out that the ancient drama still entertains and provokes today.

12:30 Omnivolant – „Cafe-show”
circus show | near Rampa | 35’ | ENG
It would seem that a long-serving married couple of circus performers can no longer surprise each other. They travel from town to town, showing the same tricks over and over again. However, when the smell of coffee and candyfloss starts to waft around, affection blossoms between them anew.

13:00 „Tractor ballet” – recording of the RegioActive project event
RegioActive | movie premiere | Rampa | 30’
In August this year. Kapela Teatru Brama together with Jacek Halas and a group of old machinery enthusiasts from Germany realised a crazy idea. As part of the RegioActive cross-border cooperation, they decided to invite tractors to dance, to which they played folk tunes. The recording of the event proves that every idea, even the most abstract, can be realised if you have the strength and the element of madness.

13:30 „Zona Limite”, dir. Stefano di Buduo – movie about Odin Teatret
Polish premiere of the movie | Rampa | 60’ | ENG
Stefano di Buduo has been among the actors of Odin Teatret (Holstebro, Denmark) since childhood. During his presence at the Festuge Festival in 2017. Teatr Brama was invited to participate musically in the film. The film movingly tells the story of the life journey of the actors of the legendary theatre through the prism of the Festuge festival, which has been organised for many years.

14:00 „Nina: The Tea Lady” (Italy)
performative action | ul. Chopina | 60’ | ENG
Nina is a rebel of post-war England. Together with her pram, she will wander the corners of Goleniów, spinning stories, singing and dancing for the locals she meets. Stop by for afternoon tea and English-style refreshments.

15:00 Grenland Frieteater (Porsgrunn, Norway) – „My Life As A Man”
performance | Rampa | 50’ | ENG
Grenland Frieteater is one of the longest-running independent theatres in Norway (1976). “My Life As A Man” is actress Gedda Aniksdal’s autobiographical journey into her story of her Norwegian working class background. A class background that then evolves into her working-class characters. It is a story about life in theatre, the reasons why she does it and the encounters with others that are made possible through this work.

16:00 Omnivolant – „Minimal Circus”
circus show | near Rampa | 30’ | ENG
How small can a circus be? Tiny, packed into one suitcase! All it takes is one person and one audience and the big world of the circus opens up, where we revisit the sweet years of childhood, laugh out loud and cheer on the artist with ever new tricks.

16:30 Neti Sketi (Athens, Greece) – „Carmen Try-out”
spektakl | Rampa | 35’ | ENG
– Why is that song a burial song?
– Because they are looking at us.
– And what’s with us? Are we dead?
– Not yet.

17:30 Artists of RegioActive (Gryfino, Greifswald) – „Barricade”
RegioActive | happening | Fontanna | 20’ | PL, DE
Again we gather in the streets and squares, again we have to protest and claim some trampled and mostly obvious rights. A barricade is a sign that one is fighting for something, an obstacle in the path of the forces of evil. On the barricades of Paris, the slogan was shouted: barricades block the streets, but open the roads… A performative action created by a Polish-German group as part of the RegioActive project, directed by Marcin Kęszycki.

18:30 Teatr Brama – „Wśród Naszych”
RegioActive | spektakl | Rampa | 60’ | 16+ | PL/DE
A performance by the adult group of Teatr Brama, it is an admonition to see in the other person someone like us, with the same joys and tragedies, successes and pains of everyday existence. It is a manifesto of peace and empathy – values that are clearly losing their meaning in a world in which we are experiencing the tragedy of inconclusiveness: to behead or to make a New World out of propaganda?

20:00 Teatr KTO (Kraków) – „Ślepcy”
outdoor performance | Planty | 60’ | without speech

In unexplained circumstances, people are losing their sight. The epidemic spreads so quickly that everyone becomes helpless against it. The authorities hurriedly isolate the first group of blind people. The closed community begins to govern itself by its own laws, which determine the roles of victims and oppressors, subjects and masters. And only one person knows that not everyone is blind….

21:30 Teatro Potlach (Italy), Francois Monnet (France), Teatr Brama & guests – „Goleniów speaks”
RegioActive | theatrical action | Rampa | 50’
A visual and musical action created with the local community and invited artists of the RegioActive festival. Italian visuals will briefly transform the post-German architecture of the Rampa, accompanied by live music performed by Teatr Brama and Teatro Potlach. Francois Monnet will prepare lanterns in unexpected shapes. The action will be created in the heat of the moment, mixing the potentials of international artists.

22:30 Alejandro Soto Lacoste/Ernesto Villalobos (Lichtbrücke, Germany) – „Duo Puente de luz”
RegioActive | concert | Rampa | 50’
Puente de luz is a bridge of light, or a luminous connection that comes with creativity and art. This bridge connects us to two places – to the innocence of childhood, our essence, and to the music and culture of South America. The Chilean artist searches the nooks and crannies of his memory for the childhood joy that the traditional music he grew up with in Santiago de Chile.

23:30 MIMISH (Berlin, Germany)
RegioActive | DJ set | Rampa | 150’
A DJ set that will put you in a trance and let you forget everything. Mimish is an artist who has been leading DJ workshops with women all over the world. Her music will captivate everyone, regardless of age or interests….

04.09 (Sunday)

14:00 Klaun Tomi – „Świat Wyobraźni”
RegioActive | animation for children | Planty | 105’ | PL
Clown Tomi is once again coming to Goleniów for the RegioActive festival. This time to build a World of Imagination together with kids and parents. 2 kilometres of colourful tubes and 100 instruments and bubble machines will transform Goleniów’s main square into a magical, colourful place connecting across borders.

16:00 Grenland Frieteater (Porsgrunn, Norway) – „Mr. Fumblebody”
family -friendly performance | Rampa | 50’ | ENG
Mr. Fumblebody is a show created and performed by Lars Vik. The character is inspired by the great comedians of silent cinema. The show tells the story of Fumblebody’s ordinary day at his ‘Help Agency’. The audience will quickly realise that he is the one who needs it most. Lars Vik combines physical slapstick with lively audience participation and hilarious improvisations. Lots of humour, visual action and crazy stunts.

17:30 Teatr Brama – „Ktoś Nowy”
RegioActive | performance | Rampa | 45’ | PL
Someone new I want to be. Someone new I need. Someone new I am becoming. Someone new is with me. I am exposing myself to you. Will you expose yourselves to me? A monodrama performed by a narcissist.

Cast: Filip Stachura, Directed by: Daniel Jacewicz

19:00 Kharkiv Theater School – „History of Ukraine”

RegioActive | performance | Rampa | 75’ | 12+ | PL, ENG We tell personal stories from our lives – our own texts, which are different in each performance. They are about a war that began not on 24 February, but earlier. It is about strength, sadness, courage, honesty, fighting and defending. The war is ongoing. It is about the history of Ukraine. It is about our stories.

* in case of bad weather performance will be at Rampa


Rampa – Rampa Kultura i Twierdza Design, ul. Dworcowa 1a, Goleniów

Planty – plac Planty, Goleniów

Qult Kafka – Kawiarnia Qult Kafka, ul. Dworcowa 1a, Goleniów

ul. Chopina – okolice placu zabaw przy ul. Chopina 12, Goleniów

Spichlerz – plac przy spichlerzu zbożowym przy ul. Nadrzecznej 3, Goleniów

Aula SP1 – aula w Szkole Podstawowej nr 1, ul. Kilińskiego 11, Goleniów


Goleniowski Dom Kultury

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