Completion of RegioActive Project

On December 16, the last meeting of the RegioActive project took place, which was the culmination of the work of the Brama Theater Association, the Goleniow House of Culture and Schloss Bröllin. The three years of the project have resulted in artistic cooperation not only between the three centers, but also between the artists who participated in the project.

To Goleniów once again, but we hope not for the last time, came the people who worked together with us throughout the project.
RegioActive has been an amazing project for us, during which we met artists from the West Pomeranian Region and the German Pommern Region. The project included workshops with the local community, who prepared events and festivals together with groups of artists. The workshops resulted in micro-festivals, which not only presented the work of the local community together with artists on the Polish and German sides. The RegioActive micro-festivals, was a time to meet, talk and get to know each other.

As part of the project, we jointly realized 12 Micro Festivals in Poland and Germany and two Macro Festivals: at the Rampa Kultura and the Schloss Bröllin headquarters.

Please visit regioactive.eu to explore the final products of the RegioActive project. These include a CD by the “Silver Guns” team, as well as a catalog in which we reminisce about all the festivals we experienced together.

The project “RegioActive – Socio-Cultural Activation of the Region” INT-177 co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.