Brama's meetings with the local Sandefjord community

In September we once again embarked on a trip to Sandefjord! This time our main goal was to meet the local community living in the city. We met many art groups that are active locally in Sandefjord, and in total we met 500 people! The artists involved in the project prepared a wide range of workshops – vocal, theater, circus. They were attended by representatives of all generational groups from the youngest children to adults and seniors.

The common event that summed up our week-long joint work was a Jam Session led by Gate artists, which included musicians from local art groups. The event attracted a large number of people who not only wanted to showcase their skills, but also to strengthen the bonds that were formed during the week-long workshops and meetings.

During the trip to Norway, we had the great pleasure of performing one of our performances “Ghost Dance” during the Kulturdogn Festival implemented by Sandefjord Kulturdøgn, Sandefjord Municipality and Stella Polaris.

Local art groups we met with as part of our stay in Sandefjord:

Stella Polaris,
Sandefjord Karateklubb,
Sandefjord High School,
Sandefjord Søppelplukkelag,
Sandefjord Ukulele Club,
Torsketruten Kor,
Spotlight Dance School,
Sandefjord Blandede Kor,
Haukerød Marching Band,