August – preparation and premiere of VENDLAND

We meet again with the Stella Polaris theater to work intensively on the performance Vendland. Each meeting during the workshop results in joy, gaining new knowledge, and above all, building strong relationships between the participants.em stella polaris

During a two-year process of collaboration between Stella Polaris & Theatre Brama we have co-created a performance which tells the story of King Olav, king of Norway and Vendland during the end of year 900. 

The story is built around the Icelandic sagas which tells us about the vikings’ relationship to the slavic area called Vendland. In this area the Venders lived from before the year 500, and they kept their slavic rituals until they were defeated by Danes, Germans and Poles around 1250, when they took christianity. The area Vendland stretches from today’s Denmark to Gdansk in Poland. Among the Norwegian kings it was King Olav Tryggvasson who had the closest relationship with Vendland, as he was for a period married to Queen Geira, the daughter of King Burisleiv, one of the Vendic kings.

This story of slavic and viking love, war and spirituality is told through cirkus elements, stage fight techniques, song, dance and ritual. 

The creators:

Direction: Per Spildra Borg 

Music composition: Alexander Bosrup

Choir preperations: Marcin Styborski

Assistant director: Ida Johannesen 

Scenography: Tim Dalton

Producers and logistic support: Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Emilie Larsen Ørneseidet, Marcin Styborski

Musicians: Per Kamfjord, Michael Krumins, Alexander Bosrup, Marcin Styborski

Stella Polaris artists:

Per Spildra Borg

Emilie Larsen Ørneseidet

Gergő Popa

George Attwill 

Marie Satyami Vik

Anna Tarakhchyan

Yevheniia Barlet

Violeta Sliusar

Marcin Styborski

Stefan Mazur

Krzysztof Gojtowski

Daniel Leżoń

Teatr Brama artists:

Daniel Jacewicz

Aleksandra Ślusarczyk 

Evanthi Athanasiadi

Jennifer Crissey

Wojciech Rosiński 

Patryk Bednarski 

Karolina Pańczuk 

Adults group: Adrianna Posieczek, Anna Iwaniska, Anna Staszczyszyn, Anna Szczerba, Bożena Kul, Emilia Rosińska, Jolanta  Musialska, Maja Kamińska, Mariusz Posieczek, Renata Łabaj, Vidal Mendez

Youth Group: Mateusz Kozioł, Angel Bernach, Patryk Bartoszewicz, Fryderyk Różański, Natalia Zawadowska, Ellie Tomasiak, Anna Kacprzyk, Zuzanna Wąsowska, Zuzanna Różewska, Paulina Węclewska, Aleksandra Uciurkiewicz, Dawid Kamiński, Jakub Chowański, Theodor Słaby, Michalina Mojsiewicz, Wiktoria Gajewska, Magdalena Pietruszewicz, Klaudia Wojniak, Julia Romasłowska

Kids Group: Daria Bebenko, Marta Danowska, Nathan Haskiewicz, Lena Janowska, Hania Januszewska, Iga Szalucińska, Lena Szczerba, Szymon Staszewski, Wiktoria Susik, Katarzyna Starczewska, Emilia Uzdowska, Eliza Uzdowska

Polish-Norwegian cooperation within the framework of the InHUBitant – Creative Communit
Evolution project takes place thanks to funds from the EEA Funds, which are the contribution of
Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to strengthening European values and eliminating socio-
economic inequalities in the EU member states from Central and Eastern Europe. The Culture
Program also makes it possible to strengthen ties between the cooperating countries. In the case
of the InHUBitant project, cooperation will take place on three levels of exchange between the
Teatr Brama and the Stella Polaris Theater.
The project is co-financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021
within the framework of the “Culture” Program.