SnowSound, is a collaborative project aimed at integrating youth in the European community through their interest in traditional music by providing the opportunity for cultural exchange. The project will take place in Goleniow over a 12 day period from December 28, 2011 – January 8, 2012. The project provides participants the opportunity to develop & sharpen their skills through music which will be utilized to highlight both similarities and differences between partner countries. The project gives allows participants to make new contacts & utilize them to build a stronger EU community. Small group workshops are planned in which the musical traditions of partner countries will be taught. Larger sessions will focus on bringing together participants to freely create music in a traditional style, developing an entirely new folk tradition which will symbolize the multifaceted EU community the participants represent. The group will be challenged to create one song utilizing words from the language of every partner country. A professional promotional recording will be made and distributed to participants prior after the end of the project. An added benefit of the project is the promotion of religious tolerance through exploration of traditional music associated with religious holidays occurring at the end of the year. Every partner organization will host an event in which they will present their culture to the general public. The presentations will take place at a series of multi-cultural evenings which will provide a platform for project participants and local residents to learn about other nations through pictures, traditional costumes, instruments, foods, etc. Participants will have opportunity, where they will host an international caroling event, beginning with a parade of countries. A highlight is “International New Year’s Eve Celebration”. On the final two days of the project two concerts will be held in Goleniow.