Polish Off in the USA

From November 9 – 19, 2013, Teatr Brama Goleniow Goleniów presented its artistic achievements in the United States in Chicago in partnership with Hairpin Arts Center ( Voice of the City). The project showed the performance " Emotion in Sound", in addition to Teatr Brama Goleniow led theater workshops for students of Roosevelt University , Columbia College, and theaters in Chicago. During their stay, the Director of Teatr Brama Goleniow took part in discussions on the role of alternative theater in Poland.


The main objective of the project was the presentation of a young Polish theater scene the United States.


The project was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.



The project was not officially approved by the U.S. authorities . The ensemble did not receive artistic visas. Thanks to the commitment of many political organizations , artists, the Polish community and local media in the U.S. , the show was performed “illegally” with tourist visas .