Hanza on the Bridge

"Hansa on the Bridge" was a socio-cultural educational project aimed at developing Polish - German border cooperation in particular in the field of young alternative theaters. In the days between 26.06 to 04.07.2011, the participants worked on the street happenings, which were presented at the Hanseatic Festival 2011, which took place in Goleniow between the 1 to 3 in July 2011. During the five-day workshop preceding the festival, a 50-strong group of actors and musicians from Greifswald, Goleniów and the surrounding area prepared a three-day campaign, which took place not only on the bridge on Szczecin Street, but also the entire city. It was an important part of the tradition of supporting the local community: young artists from the Hanseatic cities took the theme further and closer to the history of their small Hanseatic homelands. For three days they changed the bridge into a mercantile Polish - German cargo ship inviting the people of Goleniów aboard.


This year's activities are a strong reference to what was implemented by us in the Hanseatic Festival 2005 project "And the walls will come tumbling down." We prepared happenings that were met with great interest by the inhabitants Goleniów and surrounding areas, many of whom took an active part in the project. The happenings were met with great public appreciation. The number of recipients was then estimated at 25,000.

The project was funded by the Small Projects Fund and the Interreg IVa PNWM