Hanza Off

"Hanza OFF" is a socio-cultural education project, whose main objective is to exchange experiences between young artists from the Pomerania Euroregion - StuThe of Greifswald, Teatr Brama of Goleniow and Teatr Krzyk of Maszewo . The project involved a wider artistic exchange, which included presentations of artistic achievements of the groups involved, education of local communities by providing free theater workshops, screening of a film documenting the existing Polish-German cooperation partners as well as an exhibition of theater posters.

Between 28.9 to 10.1.2011 actors and musicians from Polish theaters went to Greifswald in order to present their own performances and also lead theater workshops.

On the 26.10 to 30.10 Polish and German actors and musicians met in Goleniów where Stuthe theater presented its activities and led joint workshops with Polish partners to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Teatr Brama.