Expedition Peru


In October 2010 actors from Brama Theater and Expedition Metropolis (Berlin, Germany) went on a three week journey to Peru where they presented performances in Lima and different localities in the Apurimac region. The European group worked with the social and politic theater, Arena y Estera from Peru expanding their existing Polish-German collaboration, the theatrical and musical performance “Platforma”, to include Peruvian actors. For the Peruvian version of the performance the artists took into consideration the political situation in Peru and South America in the context of the fight between the government and the revolutionary organization Sendero luminoso (Shining Path), which took place in the 1980’s and 1990’s. In addition to exchanging experience, presenting performances and meetings with the public, the Peruvians arranged a cycle of workshops held in places forgotten by the world and villages in the Andes that experienced the war (Llinqui and Toraya in the Apurimac region).


photos from the expedition