Polish Off in the USA

From November 9 – 19, 2013, Teatr Brama Goleniow Goleniów presented its artistic achievements in the United States in Chicago in partnership with Hairpin Arts Center ( Voice of the City). 

Spirit of the 80's with StuThe

What are the hopes and fears that made up the inner world of our predecessors in the eighties? What affect did it have on music and fashion? How was  society shaped by  political situations? What made people able to unite and stand shoulder to shoulder? And why, after thirty years, does this seem completely impossible? 

The Wedding with StuThe

During the project Wedding, we looked for universal forms of expression for both nations, in regards to the play The Wedding by Wyspiański.

Artistic Feast of Abundance was a two-week (15-28 July 2013) youth meeting,  which created a spirit of artistic development and ended with the preparation of an artistic event.

Active Contribution of Theater (“ACT”) was a project made in collaboration with the Youth Mobility Center on June 20 - July 1, 2013, in picturesque New Epidavros. Together with youths from Greece Teatr Brama worked on reinterpreting Greek myths, to transfer of the problems of the crisis (not just financial) to the stage.

During the project "Polski Off" Theatre Brama visited the Ukraine from April 1-7, 2012, where we showed performances, workshops and conducted numerous interviews for Ukrainian television.

During the Polish-German project "Hanza OFF" actors from Teatr Brama, Teatr Krzyk and StuThe (of Greifswald) met in Greifswald and Goleniow to conduct workshops and present their performances.

In June 2011, actors from Teatr Brama, Teatr Krzyk and StuThe of Greifswald jointly prepared performances and happenings, turning the bridge on Szczecin Street in Goleniow into the Hanseatic merchant ship Santa Hanza for 3 days.

In October 2010 Theatre Brama, together with partner Expedition Metropolis Theater (from Berlin), participated in the project Expedition Peru. For three weeks, European actors worked with Arena y Esteras Theatre on a common performance, conducted workshops, presented their own methods of work and learned the unknown world of South America.

Between May and September 2010, Theatre Brama worked with partner Expedition Metropolis Theater (from Berlin) on a joint German-Polish production of theatrical and musical performance "Platforma", which premiered in Germany on September 25th in Berlin and in Poland on October 10th in Goleniów.

In September 2008, 20 actors from Poland and Germany came together to work on the themes of displacement and resettlement. The result of their cooperation was the play "Station of Memories, which involved not only actors but individuals displaced after the war who had resettled in Goleniów.

Since 2008, Theatre Brama has collaborated with the Norwegian Theatre Stella Polaris. One of the major projects was working on the performance "When the dead awake. " Currently we are planning future joint projects.