Sławomir mrożek "The party"

fot. Piotr Nykowski
fot. Piotr Nykowski

“The Party” by Sławomir Mrożek is a story of three “peasants” craving fun, who burst into a dayroom. What they soon realise is that there is no party. Indeed, they realise there is no one at all… The audience will notice straight away, what the half-wits will take ages to discover - thus delivering splendid comedic effects. But it is because of their irrational need for entertainment, that the peasants deconstruct and analyse logical fallacies. Arduous attempts at comprehension crystallise eventually into frustration and burst with savage aggression. Will a party be possible? The peasants try to invent it. For the audience, the "Party" ends only when all combinatorial possibilities hidden within the comical situations are used up.


“There is something familiar and common in Mrożek’s characters. They are indifferent to their social role, careless about how they are perceived among others. They are often boors. To be a boor means to “know what I know for sure”. Boorish is he, who is sure of his right and of his body. Who is settled in existence like a cow or a shark. In brief - he for whom existence is not problematic. He will fight for possession to satiate his needs, and not to prove his worth. The true problem of a boor is, paradoxically, entertainment. The crowd in Mrożek’s vision creates nothing but noise. Customs, behaviours of boors are of folk nature. Thanks to his perfect simplicity, the boor is a phenomenon more metaphysical than social. Man is made of social dictates, stereotypes and so on.. and of instinctive impulses and cravings. That is, in a proper order, of the need for safety and physical comfort (it is interesting how persistently the concern for a lair or a shelter returns), next for entertainment, and lastly for power. A sexuality that is physical and entertaining cannot lead to a release of stronger passions or needs. Man therefore consists of intellectual lies and animalistic needs. Every man.”

Jan Błoński


Director: Daniel Jacewicz


Peasant S - Paweł Danielewicz

Peasant B - Marek Kościółek

Peasant N - Maciej Ratajczyk

Music: Dodna Band

The performance duration: 45 minutes