On October 23, 2002 a group of 39 Chechen terrorists attacked a Moscow theater on Dubrovka, which lasted the duration of the musical "Nord Ost". The terrorists demanded the cessation of hostilities in Chechnya and the withdrawal of troops. The siege of the building, which contained more than 900 people took 5 days and ended with a Russian assault and the use of sarin nerve gas. As a result of the use of the gas and the brutality of the rescue operation, 300 people were killed (according to official reports it was only 150). All members of the terrorist group, some of which were not over the age of 20 died as a result of the use of gas or were shot. Under the influence of these events, Szymon Wroblewski wrote the script for "Gas", while universalizing the problem by separating it from the present. 


In the Wroblewski script, Chec hen terrorists are Spartans and the empire, whose power they oppose is, Rome. Thanks to what is said by the characters, issues of general importance become a reflection of the situation of the human world. The play, directed by Ewa Ignaczak and Daniel Jacewicz, by its design, makes the viewer become a participant in the situation while on stage, which gives power to the words and gestures of the actors. The viewer is not in fact protected by the magical fourth wall and experiences and shares the text with multiplied force. The stories narrated by the characters are taken from the lives of the hostages, who in a time of danger recognize their mistakes and human frailty and wonder about their lives. “Here there was a re-evaluation of all subjects of life. Money, houses, cars - they mean nothing compared to human life. Constantly striving for something they simply do not understand helps us see the depths of the mind. Do not think only about making money, a process without end. Learn to stop the rush, enjoy life, spend more time in nature. These words spoken on stage come from a letter one of the detained musicians, who was convinced of impending death. The terrorists started shooting.

Theatre Brama actors are the age of terrorists who attacked the theater in the struggle for the freedom of their country. From the beginning it is clear that there are fighters who are going to die. Their determination makes the viewers not explicitly on the side of Rome. We are sorry for the victims, but we see both sides and begin to understand the tragedy of war. And in the face of the political world, this performance, despite the passage of years since the original event, becomes an inspiration and important voice in the current case.

The world premiere performance took place in 2003, resumed in 2009, with a new cast.

- Grand Prix at the National Student Theatre Festival in Gdansk, 2003
- First Prize at the Lodz Theatrical Meetings 2003


Theatre Brama / Theatre Off de Bicz
Directed by Ewa Ignaczak and Daniel Jacewicz
Written by Szymon Wroblewski
Actors (2009) AlexandraNykowska, Dorota Ziemińska, Ida Bocian, Maciej Ratajczak, Marcin Styborski, Szymon Lechwar
Actors (2003) Alina Czyżewska,  Zuzanna Wojciszke, Paweł Danilewicz, Krystian Godlewski, Marek Kościółek, Mariusz Tarnożek.
World premiere