Emotion in Sound


The performance entitled „Emotion In Sound - Apotheosis is an artistic action floating delicately between the worlds of theater and music. Each image, word, story, movement, melody and sound are connected and create what can only be described as an atmosphere. The performance is about love and joy contrasted by loneliness, but more than this, it is about sensibility. It is full of energy while at the same time delicate and sensual in reception.


„Emotion In Sound” is an invitation on a voyage into the world of associations. Fragments of texts, songs and activities used in the performance are taken from Theatre Brama’s last few years of artistic wandering. The actors recall past paths, experiences, friends, depths, cultures and speak about their own sensitive souls. Seized in some kind of trance, together they reach an atmosphere of cofessions and intimate stories. Every part of the performance has the power of recollection of passing moments which the actors wish to share.


Many touching songs are used in the performace, that arose from the anxieties of the human souls who created them. It is a collection of songs from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, the Balkans, Corsica and Spain. Each of these songs carries a true human history that is told with singing and instruments (clarinet, guitar, bass guitar, accordion and cajon). Music is a character in this performance, speaking the most universal language. The way in which the songs speak about reconciliation with the nature and the world is a true feast for the soul. 


„Emotion In Sound” is two meetings in one performance. The first is that of the actors in the performance, who are a group of friends from different countries (Poland, Armenia, Czech, Georgia and USA). They meet and work together, taking care of the common energy they create. The second is a meeting with the audience, who in turn become participants in the gathering arranged by Theatre Brama.


Director Daniel Jacewicz

Starring Anna Hoffman, Aleksandra Nykowska, Anna Rynkiewicz, Dorota Ziemińska, Jenny Crissey, Lena Witkowska,  Daniel Jacewicz, Maciej Ratajczyk, Marcin Styborski, Piotr Nykowski, Aleksandra Gronowska (guest), Svietlana Sarkasianova (guest), Dawit Baroyan (guest), Jakub Margosiak (guest), Tatia Mazmanian (guest), Vladimer Sujashvili (guest), Justyna Jary (guest)

Sound Jacek Gałkiewicz

Light Adrian Kryk

Premiere November 2009