Premiere - "Fatamorgana"

when: 17.06 (Sunday), 19.00
where: Goleniów, Theatre Brama, ul. Zielona Droga 9
tickets: 10 PLN, before the performance

"The Wall"

when: 24.08 (Friday), 20.30
where: Goleniów, Park in front of Elementary School no. 1, ul. Jana Kilińskiego 11
tickets: free entry


English version completed!

English translation of the webpage is completed, at last concerning the current content of Polish version. One of the categories was removed due to being irrelevant to anyone outside of the town of Goleniów, but there is still alot of information to explore - see for yourself.

Wojciech Rosiński, 14.06.2018

New Theatre Brama webpage!

Welcome to the new, refurbished webpage of Theatre Brama. Our last reedition was little misfired, but we took our work seriously and we rebuilt it to be clear and easy to use. Here I'd like to thank Patryk Bednarski (for help with design and construction of the site), Dominika Farbotko (for edition of the texts), Anna Tuderek (for merithoric help - thanks to her we know, how to handle things like webpages) and all people, who's photos or texts appeared here. Webpage will be slowly updated - the biggest challenge for now is english version, where translator (me) is occupied with other things at the moment. See you soon!

Wojciech Rosiński, 01.06.2018