community art

Teatr Brama is an organization comprised of community artists who encourage their audience (community) to engage in collaborative artistic processes and projects (primarily, but not limited to, theater and music).In this way they engage the audience in dialogue and encourage the growth of community identity, self empowerment and beautification of the community’s space and surroundings.


Teatr Brama’s projects are often viewed as educational and good for society. These are side effects of our work. None of us are teachers or sociologists - we are artists. We believe in the value of art projects and their far reaching benefits We believe that the work of artists should be given the value and credit it deserves.


Allowing people from the community to work with professional artists, enriches art work as it encourages the artists to think and understand how their ideas will be perceived by the community while simultaneously encouraging the community to appreciate art.

photo by Marta Pietunow