Goleniow Theatrical Meetings Bramat

Goleniow Theatrical Meetings BRAMAT is a theater festival organized annually by Theatre Brama in Goleniów. Bramat is a project which is still evolving, consistently expanding and intensifying interaction. During the eleven previous editions (the first took place in 1999) the most prominent artists associated with current alternative Polish and foreign theaters came to Goleniów. The program of the festival provides presentations from prominent creators of Polish alternative theater. Also shown in these theaters is the younger generation, which in the near future will provide the alternative theatrical environment in Poland. Thanks to the artistic development of Theatre Brama and its place of substantial interest on the map of Polish theater, theatrical meetings have become a major event in alternative theater in Poland. Growing from the amateur to assume the shape of a professional cultural event, successfully realized and visited by lovers of theater from across the Poland. Every year, an interesting companion to the performances are official discussions about the condition and way of alternative theater in Poland, workshops, demonstrations of working methods, seminars, concerts, exhibitions and film showings.

Photos from Bramat 2010