welcome to our new webpage

Throughout last five years works of Theatre Brama expanded greatly. At some point we weren't sure ourselves which way we're headed. We decided that we don't have to go one way. We go four ways!

Theatre Brama is worc with local community (community art), actions created with children and youth and aimed at them (dreams for future), exploration of using sound and music in art and personal improvement (emotion in sound) and professional artistic actions (theater here and now). All those actions interlock with each other and have common goal, which is easier to understand by heart then to express with words.

We hope that our new webpage will help you to understand us. We will gladly read and hear your opinions. Patryk and Wojtek will surely answer your questions (contact).



One thing is sure. We love people. That's why we either miss you, or want to meet you. If you look for contact - click here.


Children group - Mondays, 16:00

Youth group - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 16:00

Adults group - Tuesdays, 19:30

Seniors group - Mondays, 18:30