Events in Goleniów

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We invite you to Ghost Dance performances:

TopOFF Festival Tychy

when: 16.04 (Thursday) 18:00
where: Tychy, Pasaż Kultury Andromeda, pl. Baczyńskiego 2
tickets: More information soon!

Pestka Festival in Jelenia Góra

when: 18.04 (Saturday) 20:00
where: Jelenia Góra, Jeleniogórskie Centrum Kultury, ul. Bankowa 28/30
tickets: More information soon!

Aniversary of Teatr Uhuru from Gryfino

when: 15.06 (Friday)
where: More information soon!
tickets: More information soon!

The Ghost Dance was a ritual which was a response to the great crisis of Indian civilization in North America in the late nineteenth century, after Western civilization took over the life of Indians. The dance was done in the hopes of ushering in a great change, which was to be the end of the present world and beginning of a better one. In a time of hopelessness they danced believing it would change their fate. The dance was effectively prohibited and is associated with the shameful extermination of the population and the extinction of one of the cradles of civilization. It was one of many cries of despair to the spreading wave of the cruelty of capitalism. The performance is a symbolic evocation of this ritual in the defense of dying values. It is our act of hope at a time when the next turn of the wheel of history seems to be unstoppable. Each generation is required to sacrifice and carry the banners of their values, which beat in the revolutionary hearts of naive idealists. For many years, the revolution in the mind of the opposition has been the guardian and manifesto in defense of minorities. We are a part of the minority who must raise their voices in defense of themselves. "Ghost Dance" is an action combining music and theater. The show is an original piece by the Brama ensemble, inspired by the work of Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, folk art of dying civilizations and anti-capitalist manifestos.

We came back from Denmark

We spent last two weeks in Denmark, where thanks to Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and Landsbylaboratoriet we could present our works to many communities, but the most importantly we had a chance to work with them by leading workshops. It was very intensive,yet beautiful time. We worked in many places (Struer, Ringkobing, Asp, Aarhus, Skarrild, Hvide Sande, Viborg, Holstebro), where we created four parades, we played four concerts, six performances (Ghost Dance and Complainer's Dream), also two meetings took place under name "How art involves local communities in Poland" and we led six workshops and six exchanges. We worked with different groups - with schoolkids, university students, artists and seniors. We sang Polish christmas carols, but we also learnt many Danish ones. Those for which we sang always treated us with traditional Danish sweets or dishes. We also managed to meet Polish Diaspora in Denmark. Some of our actions were part of Seahorses festival, organized by Landsbylaboratoriet, thanks to which we could present effects of our work with schoolkids and local communities in Struer's port. We met many woderful people. Memories of these meetings will be with us for a long time.


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