professional workshops

Methods of work are based on several years of experience of working with actors. Our work encourages individuals to search for sincere and authentic expression in art, utilizing physical and dramatic acting, rhythm and music. We teach what we feel is most interesting to see on stage - encouraging theatrical spirit, consciousness and developing relationship to fellow actors. Due to our intensive methods, the advantage of our workshops is that our participants become highly involved in a transformative process. Workshops activate and open the group as integration is essential. The purpose is building trust, emotional statements and body expression through movement, voice and improvisation exercises. Our workshops nurture a creative working environment for young artists.

Workshops include: theatrical training, vocal work, utilizing old folk song, work with language, diction and enunciation, exercises to make participants conscious of their body on stage, stage work, elementary theatrical tasks, stage and scenery construction, impulse exercises and reactions to the acting process, performance preparation including all participants of the workshop.

photo by Eduardo Gonzalez Camara