For the thousands of years mankind looks for answers to the basic question, that stays under our skin - how did the Universe came to be? In the same time philosophers and artists wonder, where did we came from and where are we heading. How we understand cosmos and ourselves in it's space remains but a theory, that seems impossible to put together. Many of it's elements show up as metaphors on the road to find beauty. Which parts of what we see is real, and what is unreal? To what degree shapes, that we recognize, are creation of nature, and to what degree they are creation of our rebellious brains, which hate undefined? Which phenomenons are truth about the world, and which are just interpretation of our dreams and imaginations? What is the Truth and is it anything but a relative, fleeting glimpse? Need to understand the world is the most basic, natural need engraved into human nature since the beginning of mankind. It's the strongest in the times of childhood, fueled by untamed curiosity and raging fantasy. "Fatamorgana" will take you into magical voyage to childhood, where everything is possible and objective truth doesn't exist.


Creative adults are children, who endured. Protect your inner child and take it for "Fatamorgana" to Theatre Brama.

Creators: Anastasiia Miedviedieva, Oleh Nesterov, Nikon Miedviediev
Dramaturgic cooperation: Daniel Jacewicz

Premiere: June 2018