traditional dance party

For different age groups dance party has different meanings. In youth's vocabulary, this word almost completely died. For more mature people it brings memories of their youth in disco rhythms, while the oldest reach with their memory to chocolate and white waltzes in local fire station with a band playing live "Biała Mewa" or hits of Elvis Presley. That's why young group of musicians from Theatre Brama made an initiative of creating project "Potańcówka" (traditional dance party). It's an event inspired by traditional folk group dances danced to live music. Thanks to open hearts, friendly atmosphere and entrancing melodies Potańcówka connects generations while forming a giant circle. This extraordinary venture is based on commonly danced, simple choreographies learnt by participants during the party. In their repertoire Potańcówka crew has regular polkas, tangos, waltzes and many other catchy sounds, which will drag onto dancefloor even the most hardened wallflowers.

photo by Natalia Kałuzińska