community of Brama

Teatr Brama is open to anyone who feels the need to create or participate in the cultural life of the city. Community of Brama is made up of representatives from all social and age groups.

Children group

photo by Marta Pietunow

Teatr Mala (Small) Brama is a children’s theater group that meets during the school year to practice theater games and singing. The children’s group meets at least once a week and has regularly premieres a new performance before the end of the school year. The children range in age from 6-14.


Meetings: Mondays, 4PM

Youth group

photo by Marta Pietunow

Teatr Młoda (Young) Brama is a youth group that meets twice during the school year to explore different languages of theater as well as learn music, rhythm and archaic singing. The youth in the group range in age from 15-25. Every year during the winter holiday the youth group meets to work intensively together for two weeks – it is during this time that they create the work for their original performances, which are regularly premiered in the Spring.'


Meetings: Tuesdays, 4PM

Singing workshops: Thursdays, 4PM

Adult group

photo by Amandine Heroult

Group was formed in October of 2017. Weekly workshops taking place late in the evening are meant for people working full-time, which need to break out of their daily lives and meet something new. Group is still in process of development. It's characteristics will depend on it's members.


Meetings: Tuesdays, 7PM


photo by Daniel Jacewicz

Teatr INDEX group that cooperates with Teatr Brama. It is made up of retired individuals from the local community in Goleniow, most of whom are members of the University of the Third Age. They are active individuals with a passion for new experiences and learning.  The group was formed in January 2014, since that time they have premiered two original performances and are currently working on a third. They have also hosted two festivals of Theater made by senior citizens. The group meets once a week from September to May.


Meetings: Mondays, 6:30PM

EVS volunteers

photo by Daniel Jacewicz

Teatr Brama has presented 6 successive EVS projects which have hosted volunteers from a wide variety of countries. The EVS programme allows young people between the ages of 18-30 to come work with the theater for one year. We are currently hosting 6 volunteers who work in the theater on a daily basis on wide variety of tasks ranging from practical to artistic. Teatr Brama’s EVS volunteers are currently working on a common performance while simultaneously working on their own individual projects. The EVS project is highly valuable to our organization, the volunteers and our local community because it allows people to be brought together to learn from one another cementing their European identity while simultaneously fighting xenophobia.

Friends of brama

photo by Paloma de la Fuente

Many years of Teatr Brama activity in Goleniów entails lots of friendships. Apart from members of local communities who are actively involved in artistic projects and activities, Teatr Brama is surrounded by many people without whom the work of the Theater would be impossible or at least more difficult. The local authorities and the Goleniów Culture House, other arts and cultural organizations in Goleniów and the individual supporters of the Theater - sponsors, donors and volunteers - should be mentioned here.

Brama's CREW

photo by Wojciech Rosiński

The Brama’s crew is a group of active people and thrilling thrill seekers.  Hobbyists and enthusiasts, devoting their spare time to artistic work and educational and cultural activities. They are also professional actors, animators and managers of culture who disagree with the institutional approach to art and find their place in Brama. This is a group of people supporting each other in the realization of their ideas and ambitions, who work together in a relationship of friendship.