Brama in communities

An important element of the existence of the Theater is the presence in the communities of independent culture. Many of these have been initiated or co-created by Brama.


Caravan Next is a large-scale European (EU) collaborative project where theatre events throughout Europe stimulate individuals and communities to reflect on European challenges in the second millennium. The project erupts from the former EU project Caravan Project. Artists on the road but operates in a larger scale including 30 associated partners from various countries in Europe and 21 countries in and outside Europe.

In CARAVAN NEXT theatre and art become a mean to create new ways of facing social issues and concerns of modern Europe. With the principles of social community theatre more than 30.000 European citizens will be involved in artistic and community bonding events and performances. Thus, in a process of creation and cultural exchange professional artists and local citizens explore and reflect on the active role of being a European citizen.

More than 50 cultural professionals will interact and create theatre and art in the meeting med local citizens, communities and organizations. Five grand festive weeks, 25 cultural barters based on mutual exchange between communities, citizens and professional theatre artists will take place in September 2015 - 2018.

The project furthermore results in 10 international conferences in and outside Europe. CARAVAN NEXT is ideated by Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret, as lead partner and Social Community Theatre Centre Dep. Studium (Unito) as methodological supervisor.



Based on the success of ZOT, in 2016, Teatr Brama was one of the founding members of the Nationwide Theater Offensive (Ogólnopolska Offensywa Teatralna OOT). Is is an umbrella organization made up of non-institutional theatres across Poland which counts over 1,000 members The success of ZOT was the impetus of OOT.



In 2013, Teatr Brama was one of the founding members of the West Pomerania Theater Offensive (Zachodniopomorska Offensywa Teatralna ZOT). ZOT is an umbrella organization made up of 12 off theaters in the region of West Pomerania who regularly cooperate together. These theaters have been working together intensively for many years and ZOT gives them the opportunity to work as an active network. Sharing resources and  giving their performances and projects access to a larger audience.



Zachodniopomorskie Forum Kultury (West Pomeranian Cultural Forum) is an umbrella organization which is made up of individuals, institutions and organizations in the region of West Pomerania who work in the field of cultural animation. Teatr Brama was one of the founding members of the forum, which was established in August 2011.

photo by Piotr Nykowski