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Activities / Workshops

Theatre Brama Workshops

Theatre Brama, through almost 25 years of its existence, created its own artistic work method, which is based on team building and common creation of every next production with direct influence of actors on the shape of the script. Moreso, song and music are one of the key components in the Theatre's works. For many years, Brama leads, free of charge, workshop groups for children, youth, adults and seniors. All these things allow Theatre Brama to offer a wide selection of workshops – theatrical, vocal and team building for all ages and backgrounds. Workshops are led by director Daniel Jacewicz and actors of Theatre Brama.

Professional workshops

Methods of work are based on several years of experience of working with actors. Our work encourages individuals to search for sincere and authentic expression in art, utilizing physical and dramatic acting, rhythm and music. We teach what we feel is most interesting to see on stage - encouraging theatrical spirit, consciousness and developing relationship to fellow actors. Workshops activate and open the group, their purpose is building trust, emotional statements and body expression through movement, voice and improvisation exercises. Our workshops nurture a creative working environment for artists.

Youth workshops

Workshops are based on developing potential and creativity, discovering the natural skills of the participants, creating a fun atmosphere, which helps people open and explore themselves. During workshops the youths are taught responsibility for the group, creation of space and community. They are encouraged to explore who they are, how their bodies work, and their needs and emotions. The experience and approach of the workshop leaders allows the participants to open to things that were previously undiscovered. Every participant finds a sphere, in which they feel good and comfortable.

Song workshops

During the workshop the participants have an occasion to learn theatrical methods, which let them release and harness the power of their voice. Methods focus on the natural connection of body, emotion and voice, which are key to breaking limits. Brama searches song for metaphysical experience and dialogue. Song can be a therapeutic experience, which cements and develops the relation between members of the group.

Rhythmical workshops

During the workshops, participants work on the rhythm that comes from the body. Workshops stimulate the whole organism and seek to use the rhythm inside. Searching for a common rhythm in a group action and trance as a theatrical method can have a profound effect on a group's ability and character and its work.


Above is a list of workshops, with which we can come to your town. If you are interested in organizing a performance of Teatr Brama, call or write to Jenny. (jenny@teatrbrama.org, +48 533 311 214). This could be the beginning of a great adventure or a long-term collaboration!

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